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Vrtne mreže protiv insekata 10x10ft za online prodaju
Vrtne mreže protiv insekata 10x10ft za online prodaju

Vrtne mreže protiv insekata 10x10ft za online prodaju

Mainly used in gardens and small vegetable plots

Uobičajena veličina: 8x24ft, 4x32ft (Prihvatite prilagodbu)

Common Mesh: 9x9', 6x9'...


Garden insect nets is made of high density polyethylene and 5% U.V, has good air and light permeability, allowing sunlight, air and rain to come in.

It is easy to cut or sew to the size you need to cover your flower, fruit and vegetable bed.

Tehnički podaci
Stavka Garden Insect Net
Sirovine 100% djevičanski HDPE + UV
Stroj za pletenje Mašina za hvatanje projektila
Oblik Mono&Mono
Boja Transparentan
Mreža 9x9' ,12x12'...(Accept Customization)
Uobičajena težina grama 60GSM DO 90GSM
Veličine 8x24ft, 4x32ft...
Vijek upotrebe 3-5 godina
Packing in PE bags and Color Label
Prednost proizvoda

(1) Produced with Gripper-Projectile Machines imported from Europe(Sulzer), make the maximum width of the net can reach 5.2m, which can meet the different size requirements of customers.

(2) According to the UV intensity of different countries or regions, 3%-5% anti-ultraviolet additives are added to the raw materials to ensure the usage life of the product(3-5 years).

(3) We have our own processing workshop, which can meet various size requirements of customers.

(4) Imamo automatiziranu opremu za pakiranje i dugogodišnje iskustvo Amazona u pakiranju kako bismo osigurali da pakiranje proizvoda zadovoljava standarde platforme.


Mainly used in gardens and small vegetables plots

insect barrier