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50 mreža poljoprivredna mreža protiv insekata za staklenike
50 mreža poljoprivredna mreža protiv insekata za staklenike

50 mreža poljoprivredna mreža protiv insekata za staklenike

Designed to prevent the entry of harmful insects, such as thrips, aphids, leaf miners, beetles, whiteflies, etc...that could threaten crop production. 

Common Meshes: 10x16'(40 mesh), 10x20'(50 mesh), 6x6' and 6x9'

Available Color: Transparent, Black, Green...


1. The raw materials of the anti insect net are 100% Virgin HDPE and 3%-5% anti-U.V additives. 

2. For the 50 mesh insect nets, it is also called 20x10 insect net (20 monofilament threads within one centimeter in the warp direction and 10 monofilament threads within one centimeter in the weft direction). Due to the higher density, Suitable for the control of viruses and thrips in fruit and vegetable crops in general.

3. In addition to control of various insects, and due to the mesh on the surface of the product, the wind can flow normally and the regulating the entry of sunlight to better control the temperature and humidity level in the greenhouse.

Tehnički podaci
50 mesh Agricultural anti insect net(20x10)
Sirovine 100% New HDPE + 3%-5%U.V
Stroj za pletenje
Mašina za hvatanje projektila
Oblik Mono & Mono
Boja Prozirna, crna, zelena...
Gram težina 120gsm do 140gsm
Maximum production width 5.2m
Redovita duljina
100m, 200m, 300m ...
Vijek upotrebe 3-5 godina

Packing in rolls with Thickened PE bags, Paper Tube and Color


Prednost proizvoda

(1)Produced with projectile machines imported from Europe(Sulzer),Make the overall structure, size and quality of the product consistent with the European market.

(2)QUV (ubrzani tester za vremenske uvjete) 

图片 1

Trenutno je jedini proizvođač s UV testerom u kineskoj industriji plastičnih mreža. Simulacijom sunčeve svjetlosti, ubrzavanjem starenja proizvoda, testiranjem vijeka uporabe različitih proizvoda i pružanjem točnijeg jamstvenog roka.

(3) Centar za inspekciju kvalitete
U industriji plastičnih mreža imamo najpotpuniju opremu za inspekciju kvalitete, kao što su QUV, tester čvrstoće tkanine, tester brzine sjenčanja, tester vlage sirovina itd.


(4) Customized service

1. The two sides of the anti-insect net are called the reinforced side. The width of the reinforced side can be customized according to customer requirements, such as 1cm, 2cm, 3cm or 3.5cm; 

2. Reinforced edges can be marked with yarns of different colors, Besides, in the middle of the net, can add a color yarn or increase the reinforced edge according to the customer's requirements.

4. The color and size of the product can be customized and the MOQ is generally 3 tons. If it is a regular size there is no MOQ, and it can be produced with other customers’ orders.


Mainly used to protect various greenhouse crops(Pumpkin, cucumber, melon, potato, tomato, eggplant, chili pepper...) from pests and improve productivity.